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Hypnotherapy to Control & Manage Habits, Weight

Control Unwanted Habits and Weight, Improve Behavior

Hypnotherapy can help unlock your inner strengths thereby enabling you to break unwanted habits more effectively, lose weight, resist overeating, control your diet, and support healthful exercise.

When in a relaxed state of awareness you gain insight into how your thoughts influence your behaviors and how changing the thought patterns will change those behaviors. Hypnosis makes achieving that awareness easy and natural for you to align your thoughts and behaviors with your innermost values, goals and beliefs. In that context losing weight or breaking other unwanted habits or behavior becomes much easier and attainable for many.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, has been researched more extensively than any other therapeutic modality as an evidence-based treatment with positive statistical outcomes. Reinforcing positive thought patterns with hypnosis is a natural fit. Cognitive Hypnotherapy has the potential for far more impact upon behavior than rational thought alone. A useful way to think about it is to view habits as thought patterns that result in specific behaviors.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist as well as a licensed therapist and counselor, I am aware of the emotional component of challenging situations or habit patterns. With this awareness and training I am able to anticipate possible pitfalls a hypnotist without psychotherapeutic training would miss.

I am here to help you unlock your inner resources which can remedy your issues.

A free one-half hour initial appointment is available which allows each of us to determine if we can work together and have the potential for good rapport. To inquire further contact my office at 707-237-8900and/or send an e-mail .

You may be surprised and pleased
with what you can achieve with help
from a certified hypnotherapist.

Kate Maxwell, PhD, MFT


[email protected]

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