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I have been using hypnosis to effectively assist people to stop smoking since 1975. I work only with people who are willing work hard at it and are over the age of 30 as the majority of us don’t realize that life is finite until then. It’s important that you want to finally quit smoking cigarettes or using tobacco for your own benefit, not because someone else demands that you cease smoking. In other words, in order for you to quit smoking tobacco permanently it must serve your own self-interest. I can help you identify and articulate your own motivations and am a experienced and certified hypnotist for smoking cessation. Also it can be very helpful to become educated regarding the health issues associated with smoking. Santa Rosa physician, Stacey Kerr, MD authored an excellent article on the effects of nicotine. To read his article click here . Understanding the complexity of addiction and its effect on your health can be a great motivator for change, especially when augmented by hypnotism using proven methods which unlock your hidden strengths.

You may have relied upon smoking to relieve stress, tension, or even boredom. While individual resluts may vary, I may be able to help you to trade that for a new approach freeing you from this expensiv e health risk. It is very difficult to calculate the cost to your health and most of us hold to the belief “It won’t happen to me”. To calculate your monetary cost of smokin g click here . You may be astounded at the cost of your habit! Compare your smoking costs to the much smaller cost of stop smoking hypnosis sessions which usually run between four and six sessions at reasonable cost, and you will be saving a lot of money compared to the cost of smoking.

If you haven’t calculated your cost of smoking cigarettes of using tobacco products using the above link, you should know that the American Lung Association calculates smoking one pack a day will cost you in excess of $1,800 a year. Can you afford that and the resulting decline in stamina and increasing health problems?

I n case you need a little more information regarding health risks, see the report to the U.S. Surgeon General regarding diseases caused by smoking by clicking here .

Employers have begun to charge the expense of treating smoking related health issues directly to the smoker. An article in “Busi ness Week” shows how employers attitudes toward smoking and the health costs associated with it are changing. To read the article click here . This trend is likely to continue, so you can anticipate paying more for your burden on health costs.

Smoking cessation hypnosis works in many cases. I have helped many people stop smoking (provided they are committed to quit smoking) because I tailor the program to the individual, disengaging your partic ular bonds to the habit and reinforcing the desire to be smoke free. I can help you change your self-identity to that of a non-smoker, which is quite different from quitting smoking . In changing your identity to that of a non-smoker you will enjoy a refreshingly new sense of freedom and vitality.

As an A SCH certified hypnotist who is also a licensed therapist and counselor with three decades of experience, I am trained to help you unlock the inner resources which will allow you to stop smoking depending on your committment and effort .

A free one-half hour initial appointment is available which allows each of us to determine if we can work together and have the potential for good rapport. To inquire further contact my office at 707-237-8900 and/or send an e-mail.

Together we can achieve smoking cessation and/or break unwanted habits

Kate Maxwell, PhD, MFT


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