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Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to make a really important change in your behavior?

Because you have behavioral habits anchored by a brain pattern response. 

We often have habits that feel like, and may be, addictions to junk food, soda, sugar, or alcohol. The brain pattern response kicks in when we enter a familiar situation associated with the habit or addiction. You might connect TV with junk food, soda with thirst, alcohol with relaxing in the evening, or a cigarette with alcohol.

Why do we have habits? Habits are our brain’s way of conserving energy making them immensely valuable. But habits can be a trap, especially emotionally. These brain pattern responses can be changed. Neuroscience studies have now proven that the brain is in constant change. Understanding how your mind can change your brain is critical. And I can help you to use your mind to change your brain patterns so you can rewire your brain for a more fulfilling life.

This ability to change as we have new experiences is referred to as brain plasticity . This means we can continue to learn throughout our lifetimes. As we learn we set up new neural circuits that can serve to preserve new habit patterns: we can learn a new dance step, a new way to access information on our smart phone or learn a new language. We can also learn how to change ourselves and our relationships with others.

But what if a habitual brain response was helpful at one time in your life but now is inhibiting your choices, your freedom, and your spontaneity? I’m referring to emotional habits, which are the most difficult habits to change. We all know the experience of having someone (typically a family member) push our buttons . These emotional buttons trigger a habitual brain response that may be so automatic that it feels out of our control.

Uncovering the experience (s) that initiated the brain pattern and learning how to rewire the brain using the conscious mind has been my focus for the last couple of years.

Neurobiology and interpersonal neurobiology is a fascinating field that has tremendous implications in the way we approach mental health. Mental health, like physical health requires thoughtful daily consideration. But it isn’t difficult, although rewiring your brain does require attention and skill. I can help serve as a trained and useful guide in this exciting new approach. Read the page entitled Healing Through Hypnosis to learn how hypnosis can help change your mindset or behavioral patterns.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 707-237-8900 and/or email me for a free half hour consultation to see how together we can open up new possibilities in your life.

I don’t treat life problems as a mental illness.

Kate Maxwell, PhD, MFT


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