Anxiety & Stress Relief through Counseling - Individuals & Couples

Additional Uses of Hypnosis

Improving Focus on Career and Business
Sometimes performance stress and the necessity to make quick decisions interfere with our ability to listen to that quiet and wise inner voice. Hypnosis can help you to slow down, prioritize and organize your life. Career and business is not separate from you. It is necessary to create a balance that supports mental and physical wellbeing and health so you can function at optimum capacity when you are working (studying, etc). Often I can help you find the balance you need and provide you with the supportive tools to maintain it.

Pre and Post Operative Stress Management
Using hypnosis is wholly effective in supporting comfort and immune function. Knowing how to relieve your stress and focus on your goals, whether it relates to a doctor’s visit, surgery, or dental work allows you to be in control of your experience and decrease pain and recovery time.

Dental Work
A visit to the dentist can be terrifying—past memories, the vulnerability of having someone working in your open mouth, etc. If you are fearful of dental visits or have a habit of postponing dentist visits until the pain drives you there, please let me help you to deal with the fear tghrough hypnosis and counseling.

Legal Presentations
Perhaps you are feeling stressed over the need to appear in a court of law and need support in order to best present and support your case. If so, with hypnosis, I can offer an excellent way to maintain your composure while in a stressful situation.

How to Proceed
If you are interested in exploring hypnosis to enable your inner strengths in dealing with stress, please contact or send me an e-mail. I'm looking forward to speaking with you. You deserve life to be happier and more fulfilling. With three decades of experience in hypnotherapy, therapy and counseling practice, it is likely I can help you reach your goal.

A free one-half hour initial appointment is available which allows each of us to determine if we can work together and have the potential for good rapport. To inquire further contact my office at 707-237-8900 and/or send an e-mail .

I don’t treat life problems as a mental illness.

Kate Maxwell, PhD, MFT


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