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Healing Hypnotherapy & Other Proven Therapies

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that daily life can produce a lot of stress, or anxiety. Sometimes you may experience a panic attack or a feeling of being overwhelmed. Perhaps you have seen your doctor for difficulty, digestive problems, or frequent headaches and the doctor identified stress as the cause and suggested therapy or counseling.

Although everyone responds to stress differently, it puts your nervous system on high alert, interfering with daily life. It may generate marital problems, depression, phobias or obsessions.

Perhaps you are experiencing some of the above troubling issues and maybe no matter how you approach your problem, nothing you try seems to work. Perhaps you’ve confided in friends or family, but their solutions don’t seem to be your solutions. Maybe you feel they can’t be neutral or want you to conform to their views. Maybe you’ve been going over the same problem so many times they don’t want to listen anymore.

N ow may be the time to consider therapy and/or counseling with a trained and licensed professional.

Having studied the latest neuroscience, identifying methods for reestablishing a healthy calm brain/body balance, I can assist you, through a personalized therapeutic approach, in both managing your response to stress as well as improving your stressful relationships both personal and professional. This can usually be achieved without any prescription medications.

I may employ various therapies or psychotherapies; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Practice, Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy . You can consider me to be your therapist, consultant, coach and advocate: A trained relationship expert. Together we will explore which therapeutic approach might work best for you.

A free one-half hour initial appointment allows each of us to determine if we can work together and have the potential for good rapport. Contact my Santa Rosa office at 707-237-8900 ‪‪ and/or send an e-mail to inquire further or schedule your visit.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kate Maxwell, PhD, MFT


[email protected]

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